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Custom Jewelry in San Bernardino, CA

 The steps to creating your very own Custom Jewelry


 After the rendered idea has been approved, we start the production process. Most jewelry is started by being milled with our own on-site 3D printer or CNC milling machine. Customers get to see their jewelry being born. High quality wax/ resin proto types are critical to ensuring that the jewelry will be completed to our high standards.

   The high quality wax model is then casted in the metal of your choice. After the casting process is completed it's off to being "benched". The touch of  Master Jeweler Michael Dickey's thirty five year 's experience is needed to bring this whole project together to create the special jewelry of your dreams.

   After working with our customer to understand all of their goals - we sit down and produce a computer model (CAD) of the desired jewelry. This model is then given Hollywood special effects to show what the finished jewelry will look like. Many times there are some changes to work through to refine the item to perfection. 

Cast Metal and Finish

 Computer Design/Render

    My goal as your Jeweler is to work with you and provide the utmost and personal jewelry design experience -  all while creating the  jewelry of your dreams.  Yes you can take part of your own jewelry creation so let the fun begin -    Michael Dickey

A piece of custom jewelry in San Bernardino, CA
Concept/Counter sketch

     Any sketch, photo or drawing you have helps us to distill the idea untill we all come to an understanding of what is wanted. Usually a quick drawing is done to help crystalize the concept to its final form.

      Custom Jewelry  is our specialty and our passion.

This is how your dream piece of jewelry would be built here at Michael Dickey Design