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Michael Dickey Design

 Fine Jeweler & Repair Services

425 E. Citrus Ave.  Redlands, Ca. 92373   

 (909) 335-9919 Mon-Fri 10-5     

Michael Dickey Design  Custom Jewelry Designs And Repair
Bench Jeweler to the Jewelry Trade/Wholesale nationwide

 CUSTOM DESIGNS - done with CAD or Hand Fabrication. Let us help with your unique custom design. On site 3D printing or milling.

RING SIZING -Let us size that ring for that perfect fit. We size rings everyday that are considered impossible. Let us help.

 QUALITY JEWELRY REPAIRS - Using advanced  techniques and old world craftsmanship. We will get that job done right.

 PLATINUM EXPERT - Platinum is our favorite metal to work in. Let us know how we can help.

 INVISABLE SET DIAMOND REPLACMENT - We rebuild the ledges and provide the needed white grooved diamonds to match. This is one of our specialties.

 LASER WELDING - We have been providing welding solutions for decades. Michael Dickey Design use only the most up to date equipment and innovative techniques to ensure the highest quality workavailable. 

MICHAEL DICKEY DESIGN JEWELER  Serving the Jewelry Trade - Expert at invisible set diamond replacement, impossible ring sizing, platinum, gold, stone setting, Jewelry repairs, laser Welding specialist, Hand Fabrication, one off custom designs, CAD/CAM, 3D Printing, casting, finishing, Jewelers of America Certified Master Bench Jeweler with over 35 years experience.

  •   Ship to the address below. 
  • Every job must be in proper envelope with its own job number, Item description and value.         IMPORTANT (no value means NO  INSURANCE  coverage)
  •  Include your store contact information, business card and email address                              (Estimates are sent through email.).   
  •  EstimatesPlease remember no estimate will be less than 40.00$ cost. Please prequalify your customers as it takes time and effort on our part to complete the estimate process.                                      All declined estimates will require for you to pay the return postage.
  • TERMS - Minimum Invoice 50.00$ not including shipping. All invoices are Due Net.                      
  •   No statements will be sent.